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Visual Basic 6 VB6 was one of the easiest programming languages to learn back in the day. It was released in and is now replaced by Visual Basic. NET VB. Even though it is outdated by several years, the programs visual basic for windows 10 and compiled with VB6 can still work with the latest Windows operating systems which is why visual basic for windows 10 can still find people attempting to install VB6 on Windows These range from not being able to continue the install without first installing discontinued versions of Java to the setup process hanging and crashing.

The solution is to bypass the VB6 setup by either tricking it into thinking Microsoft Java is already installed or by telling it not to install Java in the first place. Then you can visual basic for windows 10 the next phase of the installation. The VB6 installer checks if the file msjava. Placing the file into the right folder will let the VB6 install continue.

Download MSJava. You can extract it if you have an archiver such as 7-Zip installed on your system. In 7-Zip, double click on javabase. Look for msjava. Copying to the Desktop first visual basic for windows 10 avoid any access denied error when trying to copy the file directly from 7-Zip.

After copying msjava. This will ignore the requirement and continue the install process. INI file from the link below. As the name implies, this is the setup wizard configuration file. Place the INI file in the main installation files folder overwriting the current file. INI file with Notepad. The install can be continued but you must also follow the next steps as well or the installation will not complete successfully. While fixing the above issue gets round the first hurdle of installing Visual Basic 6 on Windows 10, there are some other visual basic for windows 10 that will cause the install to fail.

After a few seconds, the installer becomes unresponsive and then hangs. EXE and the setup window has to be closed manually. These last two error messages will cause the install to halt with a message saying the setup could not be completed.

Since the Visual Basic 6 installer is over 20 years old, there are unsurprisingly some components that will not install properly in Windows 10 which causes the failures. Excluding those components from the install process will allow VB6 to install without errors. You can use either method below to turn off the options during setup that cause the install to fail. This method is the easiest and requires no manual changes to the setup options during install.

We found that the install is handled как сообщается здесь an STF file in the Setup folder on the disc. The optional components are pre-enabled in this file so we found the offenders and disabled them by default. Download the correct file according visual basic for windows 10 the version of Visual Studio you are using.

This stops the file opening in a browser tab as a text file. Make sure that the VB6 install files are on your hard drive as you need to replace the original STF file.

You can do that by simply copying all the files from the CD to a folder on your drive. STF you downloaded above replacing the file already there. Run the installer and go through the setup steps as usual. When you reach the component selection window, nothing has to be changed visual basic for windows 10 the edited STF already did it.

A warning will popup that visual basic for windows 10 component is an essential part of the application and it will not run properly if not installed. Click OK to acknowledge the warning and visual basic for windows 10 click OK two more times to get back to the main install options window. This option is not in Visual Studio Professional нажмите для деталей those users can ignore it.

Uncheck Microsoft Visual Http:// 6. This will stop the javasign. You can, of course, enable or disable other больше на странице in this window depending on personal preference. Continue with the install and visual basic for windows 10 should visual basic for windows 10 able to reach the end with no major errors after a visual basic for windows 10.

After the install is complete, Visual Basic 6 should start. If you get an error on the New Project screen, an optional step to help is running VB6 in compatibility mode. I have already copied msjava. Thanks in advance for your help. Thank you. This worked for me to install VB6 on Windows One glitch was that I first started the MS Visual studio 6.

STF munged file into the setup directory. At first I thought I was screwed but then I simply let the incomplete install finish and then reran it. That worked. STF files, everything goes like a charm. I have installed it just now. It works. Win 10 x64 visual basic for windows 10. I have VB6 running! Have you tried this: docs. Those need to copied over to your normal login hive to be seen in the addins menu.

Easiest way is to export in regedit while logged in as admin and then import while normal user. Tinus, use FreeWheel by Jim Barry. Install it normally, not as an add-in of vb6. I have version 2. Should work for you, too. Very useful. God bless you. Good good good!!! This worked really well for me and I tried other things before. I suppose, the different results from following this guidance depends on the individual windows version.

I stopped mine at due to the not understandable difference in behaviour when installing an old photoshop program 6. Перейти на страницу the version this braught me to a running VB6 on W Thanks a lot!

Does anyone know how to stop Windows Updates from crashing my VB6 apps? Phil Please post your question with more details on stackoverflow! Java trick worked, but none of the other tricks. Had to run setup as administrator to get visual basic for windows 10 to complete. Does not work for me.

After updating the system prompt it throughs an error and the message display visual basic 6. Followed instructions and have successfully installed VB6 on both a desktop and laptop computers without a hitch. Many thanks for your work.

Thnx a lot : Tried to install with VS6installer, but can not complete the installation. STF with yours I finished the installations. Works well for me with Win 10 Ver. Thanks a lot for carefull and complete description — at one point the VB6 only installation differs from the presented VisualStudio6 — but no issue VisualStudio Analyser not present with VB6. If anyone has succeeded, it would be interesting to know how they did it Ваш microsoft powerpoint 2013 download crack free download мне the solutions to whatever problems occurred during the install.

Run the installer as Administrator, wait for the Win10 stability warning then select the run anyway. I had not then had occasion to work on legacy VB6 programs until recently. When I tried to load a prior project I received an error message. After struggling to respond to the error message without success I eventually tried to uninstall VB6 and again use this method to reinstall.

I am running WIN10 version 20H2 and the reinstall was visual basic for windows 10 success. I am now again able to edit legacy VB6 programs. Worked perfectly. Dug lots of site, wish I found this article before. Thanks for this wonderful article, the issue is not fixed. Much appreciated. I had tried several times to VB6 продолжить and found some hints here and there but never got past the installer hangs.


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It is the last that can create native bit applications for Windows 9x and NT. The replacement product “VB. NET” requires Dot Net, and changes the core basic language in such a way that it is difficult to port VB 6 applications.

Visual Basic easily interfaced with many database products most notably Microsoft Access and reporting tools most notably Crystal Reports Visual Basic 3 was the most popular version under bit Windows 3. Wanted: Manual scans Available releases 1. – Download Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows –

Download Visual Studio IDE or VS Code for free. Try out Visual Studio Professional or Enterprise editions on Windows, Mac. In this article, we’ll show you how to successfully install Visual Basic 6 (VB6) in Windows 10 bit. Bypass Update Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java.


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